Tree Trimming, Pruning, and Shaping in Montgomery County, TX

Tree Trimming, Pruning, and Shaping  in Montgomery County, TX

At Good Morrow Land Services, we offer tree trimming, pruning, and shaping to anyone in Montgomery County, TX, with trees on their property. Our experienced team will perform the tasks necessary to make and keep your property clean, beautiful, and safe.

Tree Trimming

Overgrown limbs on trees, bushes, and shrubs quickly cause a property to appear unkempt, neglected, and even abandoned. In fact, overgrowth doesn’t just look unruly in its own right — it also increases the prevalence of fallen leaves, twigs, nuts, seeds, and other debris on your property.  If you want your property to maintain its curb appeal, you need to schedule regular tree trimming.

In addition, if your trees or bushes are fruit-bearing, trimming is important to healthy fruit growth. When you trim extra or lengthy branches from a fruit-bearing tree, the tree’s nutrients become more concentrated, which allows it to produce bigger, juicier, more flavorful fruits.

Tree Pruning

While tree trimming simply involves cutting back overgrown branches and limbs, tree pruning is the process of removing dead, loose, or sick limbs. Just like overgrown limbs, sickly and dead limbs make your property look neglected and can inhibit fruits from growing properly. However, pruning is far more pressing than trimming for one reason — dead and dying limbs are extremely dangerous.

When damage or disease has damaged tree limbs, those limbs are at a much greater risk of detaching and falling from the tree. These loose limbs may fall out during a storm or even in the event of a strong gust of wind. Limbs that fall from trees may cause damage to a property and its structures — or worse, they can injure or kill a person. Keep your property safe with consistent tree pruning.

Tree Shaping

Tree shaping usually goes along with trimming and pruning. While you may think of it as something purely aesthetic, tree shaping also helps direct the growth of the tree and its limbs so that they don’t interfere with other trees, power lines, or structures.

If your Montgomery County, TX, property needs tree trimming, pruning, or shaping services, call Good Morrow Land Services today at 281-367-8761.